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The new city has strong infrastructure, transportation management, security and governed by laws, regulations, multiple systems, economical controls, police stations, courts, parliament and ministries. CityHi’s citizens can easily start up their own business virtually, can reduce costs, improve profits, interact with their target audience, sell and buy products or services as done in real life.

Furthermore, they can virtually advertise, attend conferences, business meetings, events, have education, meet friends, socialize, do shopping, get latest news, talk, walk, run, swim, drive, fly and play games. All these activities and much more are done virtually without stepping out of their homes or offices. Although CityHi has positioned itself as a virtual business city, the well planned city has public areas, landscapes, advertisement signboards, residential areas, amusement parks, universities, schools, hospitals, theaters, art galleries and many other amenities.

The city has its own media including TV, Radio, Stations and Newspapers. Over the next five years, more than 2 million jobs will be created in CityHi as businesses in the new city will require full-time individuals to serve and meet customers.

Investors can buy prime properties in CityHi to rent or develop to sell out to businesses and organizations looking for space in the city. CityHi’s real estate and masterplan are designed by leading real estate experts including world leader Jones Lang LaSalle. The city has a Land Department controls the Real Estate supply & demand, healthy growth and protects owners rights and ownership by issuing CityHi ownership deeds.

The new city is copyrighted, patented and owned by TRUST 300 (joint stock company) which is backed up by a panel of leading international universities and advisors in; management, real estate, marketing, economy, politics and technology including “IBM” and “PriceWaterhouseCooper”. These world leaders have expressed confidence that CityHi is a one of a kind intelligent city and will be recognized over the next few years as one of the most successful.

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